Digital Farming deliver personalised nutrition through crops grown under our digitally controlled environment conditions.

We have a specific focus on developing nutrition for the 'silver' generation and have been awarded funding through INCluSilver  to further develop our innovations in personalised nutrition for the silver population.


 'Personalised Nutrition for the Silver Generation'

The project aim is to deliver concentrated natural alternatives to synthetic supplements within commercial functional food production. Together with INCluSilver we are prompting change in the dietary habits of the silver generation by developing products that promote healthier eating. 


INCluSilver supports collaboration between actors belonging to different sectors, to create optimal conditions for generating and validating innovative ideas in the field of personalised nutrition. Concentrating specifically on innovations that address the Silver Economy which have great potential to reach the market.


The “Silver Economy” is defined as the economic activity and consumer expenditure related to the specific population group of citizens over 50 years of age. 

Digital Farming

Digital Farming are concentrating on bringing to market a range of enhanced nutrition functional foods, grown hydroponically, utilising its Controlled Environment Agriculture systems, that enable tailored, individual nutritional needs to be fully met, tackling malnutrition and dietary issues. 


The Challenge

The Digital Farming's approach to ‘digital’ enhanced nutrition food production, should not be confused with vertical farming – similar but significantly different in values of outcome. 


Our ‘High Nutrition’ farming is first and foremost horizontal farming. This approach allows for the adaptation and re-purposing of far more existing real estate and is scalable to match site opportunities in multiple locations. A space footprint of 1 sqm becomes 5 sqm of growing volume as a result of the stacked grow rack system employed. 


Assuming 30 crop cycles per year 1 sqm becomes 360 sqm of high nutrition food production. 


At Digital Farming we specialise in the production of enhanced-nutrition-microgreens (Baby Plants). These plants are grown in a digitally controlled environment, that maximises their nutrition potential and can be tailored to meet the dietary needs of the individual or ethnic group. 


The growing protocol data collected by Digital Farming during the growth of the plants is disseminated via the IOT (Internet of Things) to enable the precise replication of high value nutritious food production at any location at any time globally. 


Sustainability is at our heart and depends on the efficient use of local resources such as water and land. Our hydroponic systems use resources more efficiently than greenhouses and conventional agricultural methods. 


Growing without soil and the need for pesticides, our system consumes less than 10% of the water required by conventional farming. Furthermore, through maximising of physical and renewable energy resources and integrated technologies we further significantly reduce the running cost of each farm. 


Our farming systems also ensure a highly effective response to climate change and soil degradation. Addressing the demands of food security, energy security, water security and the extremes of climate change weather.