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Indoor Vertical Farming Research Assistant 

​Preferably MSc graduate in Plant Science, Bioscience, Horticultural, Agricultural or Hydroponic education. (BSc graduates or passionate candidates will also be considered)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Part of the experimental design team

  • Check and adjust water levels, PH and EC levels, record temperature and humidity and document into spreadsheets.

  • Monitor / Harvest plants and document weight, height and other characteristics.

  • Sowing, propagation and transplanting of crops

  • Ensure timers are working correctly for pumps and lights

  • Desk-based research activities based on peered reviewed papers, including report writing using references

  • Bench-marking of cost, ordering of supplies and inventory

Preferred Skill Requirements

  • Understanding of Vertical Farms and how they are maintained for growing produce.

  • Enthusiasm and a passion for growing hydroponically will be the key area of knowledge

  • Ability to precisely follow directions

  • Self-motivated, able to work without direct supervision

  • High level of attention to detail

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office packages, especially excel and mail/outlook)


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